Monday, April 29, 2013

Changing History

As we talked about in one of our previous classes, these articles all seem to be alluding to the same thing: how to fix America's Capitalist systems?

Both Greider and Zweig reference the importance in teaching society the differences in divide class from gender and race while also promoting equality in the economic market.

This past week I attended a sports game in Boston, and everywhere there were "BOSTON STRONG" shirts, hats, bags, flags, etc., everything you could slap a label and a price tag on. These corporations are profiting from a tragedy to Massachusetts and these United States. They are more than likely, exploiting foreign workers to make these shirts, working class Americans to sell these items, and manipulating this product into a symbol of hope, when really they are just making the rich, richer and the inequalities greater.

I agree with what the two authors have to state when what America needs to make it a more equal place. It is a series of thoughts that must occur by every American to make these systems dissipate and replace the injustices in this country.

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